SSNC - Library

  • The Library subscribes to more than 45 national and international journals and periodicals and 24 newspapers which provide the latest information on current events and affairs. The Library has a rich collection of books on Science and Technology including chemistry, mathematics, physics, chemical engineering, computer science, electrical and electronics engineering, biochemical and biomedical engineering, economics, business studies, etc. Besides, Library also has a good collection in the areas of Humanities and Social Science(s).A separate library on Commerce and other interdisciplinary subjects also housed in a separate building of our college. The collection on humanities and social sciences with textbooks is housed on the ground floor of the central library. Besides general collection, the library has segregated specialized collection having separate collection codes mentioned below:
  • General Collection
  • Reference Books
  • Text Books (TB)
  • S.A.F. Books (Student's Aid Fund)
  • SECTIONS : Acquisition Technical Periodicals Circulation IT/Computer SERVICES The SSNC Library provides the following services/facilities: Reading Circulation service including Inter Library Loan Reference & Referral User guidance Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)(processing) E-Resources(in computer lab)
  • The College maintains a well-stocked library in Science(s), Commerce, Humanities and Social Sciences. It supports the teaching, research and extension programes of the College. All students, faculty members and employees of the College are entitled to make use of the library facilities on taking library membership. The library having a huge collection on interdisciplinary subjects likewise Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Economics, Mathematics, Political science, History, Botany, Microbiology, Business Studies,etc., offers library services through its various Divisions. Initially set up in 1967-68, the Central library of the college moved to its new building in October, 2001. There are approx 99,000 books in the library at present and about 4,000 books are added every year. As the role of the Library within any University can be realized only in the context of the institution's philosophy of education, the basic objectives of the Library are in tune with those of the D.U. They are as follows: To develop appropriate collections in various disciplines for satisfying the needs of the diverse clientele of the library. To provide reading, lending, reference, information and documentation facilities to all categories of staff and students,