A b o u t      N S S

National Service Scheme popularly known as NSS was launched on Gandhi ji's birth cenetary year 1969 in 37 University involving students with primary aim to develop the personality of student volunteers through community services The scheme now extends to all the states and universities in the country amd covers +2 levels also in many states.

Administrative Structure

At National Level

  1. Ministry of youth affairs and sports, New Delhi and NSS regional centres
  2. Programme Advisor
  3. Programme Advisor Cell
  4. NSS Regional Centres

At State Level

  1. State NSS Cell
    At the state level,there is a NSS cell Headed by the state NSS Officer (SNO)

At University Level

  1. NSS Centre
  • Every University has NSS cell to supervise and coordinates NSS programme in ther colleges affilated to it.
  • Programme Coordinator
The Programme coordiator is the key functionary who heads the NSS Centre. The important functions of the programme coordinator are :
  • To assist and guide the NSS unit for implementation of NSS programmes at college level
  • To advise in organising camps, training and orientation programmes for the NSS volunteers
  • To visit the NSS units for monitoring and evalution
  • To ensure implementation of NSS regular activities and special camping programmes

At Institutional Level

  1. NSS Unit
    • The unit at college level is the grass-root unit in NSS.
    • The NSS Centre keeps contact with the community, administration, student volunteers and Programme Officers through this unit only.
    • The organisation and managment of NSS unit are of vital signification.
    • A college is alloted NSS units according to the strength of students.
    • The strength of a unit is 100 active NSS volunteers.

  2. Enrollment of NSS volunteer
    • At college level the NSS volunteers are enrolled from the first, second and third year degree-class students of the college.
    • The students from foreign countries studying in Indian universities shold also be encauraged to join NSS so that they may share the experience of national reconstruction and community work.

  3. Programme Officer (PO)
    • A Programme Officer is a Faculty member of the college nominated by the Principal to undertake the appointment. The Programme Officer is responsible for all NSS related activities in the College. One programme officer is incharge of one unit only. The roles and functions of programme officer are as follows :
    • As an Organizer - The PO needs to organize activities related to the aim of NSS and also the activities suggested by the NSS Centre
    • As an Educator - The PO needs to update the voluteers by organizing orintation programmes to improve volunteer skills in the students enrolled for NSS
    • As a Coordinator - The PO needs to coordinate with NSS Centre at the University for all activities to be conducted in the college by the NSS voluteers
    • As a Supervisor - The PO needs to supervise all NSS activities conducted by the NSS voluteers of the college.
    • As an Administrator - The PO needs to take prior approvals from the NSS centre before conducting any NSS activity.
    • As a Public Relation Person - The PO has to exhibit PR skills to be an example for his/her volunteers

N S S   M O T T O


The Motto of NSS is "NOT ME, BUT YOU". Moreover,

NSS   Objectives

Objectives of NSS are :