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Alumni Association

“We aspire to connect to, learn from and celebrate our valued Alumni”

President: Dr. D. V. Bhardwaj, Administrative Officer, SSNC

Convenor: Dr. A. Archana

Co-convenor: Dr. Namrata

Core Committee: Dr. Preeti Malik, Mr. Manish Kumar, Dr. Ranjan Mehra, Ms. Akanksha Gupta, Dr. Nitin Chauhan.


Swami Shraddhanand College considers its alumni as an inseparable part of the college, and hence it’s our priority to nurture the intellectual and emotional bond of our alumni with their Alma Mater. Our Alumni are dispersed all over the globe, yet we maintain a strong network, which is active in various groups and social networking websites worldwide. We aim to provide a voice to our esteemed and most cherished Alumni to motivate, cultivate and firmly establish the next generation of our students by being the glorious and worth emulating role models for the latter, and literally leading by example.


It is our utmost priority to create and maintain a long term and strong relationship of our Alumni with our current batches, teachers, non-teaching staff and the entire college. We encourage and welcome our passed out students to interact with their juniors with the following goals in mind:-

  • To promote mentoring, motivation, internship and career opportunities for students as well as alumni in all domains.
  • To serve as a strong bridge between the alumni and the present college components to collaborate through meetings, webinars and other events.
  • To promote entrepreneurship skills among students and alumni.
  • To let the alumni bear the torch to help students in training and employment.
  • To contribute in strengthening the reputation of our college on National and International platforms.
  • To help inculcate the attitude of 'Giving Back' to the Alma Mater.

Achievers in all fields

Swami Shraddhanand College and its Alumni Association is extremely proud of being associated with innumerable luminaries who have carved a niche for themselves in the field of academics, business, defense, medicine, entrepreneurship, law, chartered accountancy, sports, research & developments and many others. Some of our alumni are serving the nation in the capacity of distinguished bureaucrats and politicians. The list is unending and so are the commitments and contributions of our former Shraddhanians. The offline Alumni Meets and the online weekly interactive sessions organized by the Alumni Committee help the former students and teachers to rekindle their bonds, and more importantly, ignite hopes and visions of the present students. We are immensely grateful to our Principal Prof. Parveen Garg for being highly supportive of the initiatives of the Alumni Association.

Future Goals:

  • Globalization of our Alumni Association.
  • Aligning our activities with the Vision 2025 document of the Institute.
  • Create multiple special Interest Groups involving alumni and professionals with common interest areas.

“As a leader it is important to not just see your own success, but also focus on the success of others. There are so many people who work so hard and try new things every day. As a leader we should guide them to succeed.”

Sundar Pichai

From the Convenor’s Desk:

It gives me immense pleasure to express my heartfelt gratitude for getting this opportunity to serve as the convenor of the Alumni Committee of Swami Shraddhanand College. Unconditionally supported by the co-convenor, Dr. Namrata and our worthy core team, I am committed to provide both offline and online innovative interaction points for optimal alumni connect and networking.

Under our principal, Prof. Parveen Garg’s able guidance and mentorship, my intent and endeavor has throughout been to strengthen the global recognition of the brand of SSNC by iterative, unwavering steps, to transform latent possibilities into laudable assets of the world. And I am delighted and confident in announcing that this is indeed happening in a huge way! Though slowly, but certainly and consistently, our prior students are contributing immensely towards making this world a better place, and by default, igniting the minds of their juniors to also follow them and even outshine them!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the weekly online sessions of our empathetic and compassionate ex-students have been truly fruitful and rewarding in terms of enlightening and torch bearing for one and all.

Dr. A. Archana

Besides being their home-coming, these sessions pep up the confidence, vision and enthusiasm of our present students and keep them in an optimistic and positive mood throughout. These are emotional and overwhelming moments for the teachers who groomed these excelling stars. Reinforced by our most crucial cog in the wheel, our alumni, I wholeheartedly believe that our students will traverse through their journey and emerge as true winners in all walks of life. Our core team, supported by at least one faculty member from each of our 18 departments, and empowered by our enterprising alumni, unconditionally supports our students from all departments to our best capability and beyond.

I urge our esteemed alumni who have lost touch with the college, but would like to reconnect, to kindly fill out the following form, thereby helping us reach out to you. Reunion with all of you is our priority, as together we all are better off! 

Link to register with the Alumni Association :

Our goodwill with our capable and competent alumni is mutual and reciprocal. We are a family and you can always count on us. Let’s make a mutual positive difference together and celebrate the festival called life.


Dr. A. Archana

Alumni Association - Official Youtube channel

All weekly alumni meets are well documented and the recording is uploaded on the official Youtube channel of the association.

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