University of Delhi

Alipur, Delhi - 110036

Seat Intake

Courses Offered

Course Name Sanctioned Seats UR SC ST OBC EWS
B.A. (H) English 78 35 12 6 21 4
B.A. (H) Hindi 78 35 12 6 21 4
B.A. (H) History 78 35 12 6 21 4
B.A. (H) Geography 78 35 12 6 21 4
B.Sc. (H) Zoology 39 18 6 3 10 2
B.Sc. (H) Botany 39 18 6 3 10 2
B.Sc. (H) Physics 39 18 6 3 10 2
B.Sc. (H) Microbiology 39 18 6 3 10 2
B.Sc. (H) Chemistry 40 18 6 3 10 3
B.Sc. Life Sciences 115 53 17 9 31 5
B.Sc. Applied Science 39 18 6 3 10 2
B.Sc. Physical Sciences 115 53 17 9 31 5
B.Com. (H) 115 53 17 9 31 5
B.Com. (Prog.) 463 214 69 34 125 21
Total: 1355 621 204 103 362 65

B.A. Program - Intake 2023-24 combination-wise for First Year

S. No. Particulars Seats UR SC ST OBC EWS
1 Economics + Pol. Science 65 31 10 4 17 3
2 Pol. Science. + Hindi Discipline 20 9 2 2 6 1
3 Pol. Science. + English Discipline 10 5 1 1 2 1
4 History + Pol. Science. 75 34 11 6 20 3
5 Economics + History 65 31 9 4 17 2
6 History + English Discipline 10 4 2 - 3 1
7 OMSP + Pol. Science. 6 3 1 1 1 1
8 OMSP + History 8 4 1 1 1 1
9 OMSP + Mathematics 10 4 2 1 4 1
10 OMSP + Sanskrit 10 5 1 1 2 1
11 Sanskrit + Economics 10 4 2 1 2 1
12 Sanskrit + History 10 3 2 1 4 -
13 Economics + Computer Application 10 4 2 1 2 1
14 Mathematics + Computer Application 10 4 1 1 3 1
15 Economics + Mathematics 27 12 4 2 7 2
Total 346 157 51 27 91 20

Course: Total Seat chart

Course Total Seats Total 5% Sports Cultural
B.A. 346 17 9 8
B.Com 463 23 11 12
B.Sc. (Prog) 269 13 7 6
B.Sc. (Hons) 196 10 5 5
B.A. (Hons) 312 16 8 8
B.Com. (Hons) 115 6 3 3
Total 1701 85 43 42

Cutoff Lists

Admission Cut-off lists : 2021-22

Admission Merit based Cut-off (Gen/PH/OBC/SC/ST/KM/EWS)

Admission Dealing Staff

Designation Name
Principal Prof. (Dr.) Parveen Garg
Administrative Officer Dr. Dharam Veer Bhardwaj
Senior PA to Principal Mr. Rahul Pathak
Section Officer (Accounts) Mr. Bal Kumar
Section Officer (Administration) Mr. S. K. Dahiya
Secretary, Staff Council Prof. Ved Pal Rana
Bursar Prof. Yogesh Kumar Sharma
Examination In-charge Dr. Anil Kumar (Department of Hindi)
N.C.C. Officers Lt. Dr. Mukesh Kumar (Army Wing Boys)
Lt. Cdr. Dr. Gobind Ji Rai (Naval Wing Boys)
Lt. Sushila Thakran (N.C.C. Wing Girls)
Programme Officer (NSS) Mr. Jitender Kumar Pandey
ECA Nodal Officer Dr. Pratibha Rana
College Nodal Officer Dr. Dharam Veer Bhardwaj
Public Information Officer Dr. Dharam Veer Bhardwaj
Dealing Assistants Mr. Mukesh Kumar : B.Com.(Hons.)
Mr. Ashok Amrohi : B.Com.(Prog.)
Mr. Shikhar Raj : B.A.(Program)
Mr. Manoj Kumar : B.A.(Hons.)English/Hindi/Geography/History
Mr. Sachin Kumar : B.Sc.(Hons.)Botany/Chemistry/Microbiology/Physics/Zoology & B.Sc. (Program)

Admission Helpdesk

Help-Desk Committee for any information regarding Admission in the Academic Session 2023-24

Dr. Laxman Ram Paliwal Convener 8826770751
Dr. Bipin Kumarl Co-Convener l 9971183152 l

Admission Committee regarding Admission in the Academic Session 2023-24

Mr. Jeetendra Kumar Pandey Convener 9818653691

Help-Desk Sub-Committee for SC/ST/OBC-NCL/EWS and PwBD regarding Admission in the Academic Session 2023-24

Mr. Ranjan Kumar Convener 7838694739

Grievance Redressal Committee regarding Admission in the Academic Session 2023-24

Mr. Om Dutt Convener 9873711795

Grievance Redressal Committee for SC/ST/OBC-NCL/EWS and PwBD regarding Admission in the Academic Session 2023-24

Mr. Parveen Adhana Convener 8826626269

Teacher-in-Charge of their respective department’s in the Academic Session 2023-24

Department Name Contact No. Email
Botany Ms. Madhulika Singh 9811150056
Chemistry Dr. Pradeep Pratap Singh 9811527214
Commerce Prof. R.N. Srivastava 9811487475
Computer Science Prof. Meera Sharma 9873719926
Economics Dr. Joginder Singh 9958879200
English Dr. Provakar Palaka 9818496818
EVS Dr. Abhishek Chandra 9868272798
Geography Dr. Preeti Sacchar 9810720148
Hindi Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar 9891896396
History Dr. L.B. Swarankar 9310874305
Mathematics Mr. Megh Pal 8920747331
Microbiology Dr. (Ms.) Lakshna Mahajan 9899272404
OMSP Ms. Sushila Thakran 9213518619
Physical Education Dr. Inder Mohan Dutta 9818330804
Physics Dr. (Ms.) Ruby Gupta 9212456844
Sanskrit Prof. A.K. Dubey 9968720628
Zoology Dr. Surender Sharma 9810538946


Undergraduate Admission Related FAQs

Q. Under how many ECA categories can a student apply for admission under ECA Category?

A. student can apply for a maximum of three ECA Categories.


Q. Can a student avail of ECA concession for the admission to a course which is entrance based?

A. Admission to UG Programs under ECA Category is available only for merit-based programs and is not available in programs where admission is based on the entrance test.


Q. How many certificates can be uploaded under any particular ECA category?

A.  maximum of five best certificates can be uploaded under any ECA Category.


Q. What must be ensured while uploading the certificates?

A. Please note:

A certificate should not be uploaded more than once.

The certificate should be legible (properly scanned) and properly uploaded.

The certificate should clearly specify the category/subcategory and level of performance (solo/group).

Would a student be given another chance to upload certificates if needed?

Students would be given only ONE chance to upload certificates at the time of registration for admissions under ECA category. No requests for providing second chance would be entertained.


Q. Can a student submit two different merit certificates of the same event and claim marks for it?

A. The applicant can claim points for an event only once. Of the two certificates for the same event, the one getting a higher score will be considered for the purpose of calculation.


Q. How much concession in academic merit (Best four/best three based on specific program) would be given for ECA admissions?

A. It would vary from college to college and not more than 15% concession in academic merit vis-à-vis Unreserved Category applicants from the last relevant cut-off will be given for admission to a specific course subject to course-specific eligibility criteria. The information about specific concession given by each College will be uploaded on the DU UG Admission website. 


Q. How to access specific concession declared by each college?

A. This information can be accessed by the student from college website as well from DU UG Admission website.


Q. Does a student need to apply separately in colleges for ECA admissions?

A. The application and allotment process for UG Admission under ECA is done in a centralised manner by the University. So, a student need not separately apply to individual colleges for the same. However, for Jesus & Mary College and St. Stephens, please check the college website.


Q. How will the process of allotment of College and programme be done for admissions under ECA Category?

A. The allotment of program and College to the Candidate on the basis of ECA will be done in a centralized manner by the University through a centralized ECA Merit List and based on the preferences of Colleges and programs indicated by the applicant. The allotment will be based on

  • the rank of the applicant in the order of centralized ECA Merit List
  • program-specific eligibility criteria, last relevant cut-off list
  • the availability of program in the College
  • ECA category/sub-category in the College.


Q. Will I be consulted while allotment of the College/Programme under ECA Admission?

A. After the declaration of the final Centralized ECA Merit List, you will be asked to indicate Colleges/Programmes preferences. You are advised to give maximum preferences thereof as individual inquiry in this matter would not be handled.


Q. How important is the ECA seat matrix in admission under ECA category?

A. Admissions will be strictly based on the ECA seats offered by a college in a particular category/subcategory. For instance, number of seats in Music/Indian Vocal in a particular college is 02 then not more than 02 can be admitted under the same.


Q. What if some seats under any particular ECA category/subcategory remain vacant? Can it be adjusted in any other category/subcategory?

A. The ECA seat matrix provided by various colleges to the university cannot be altered at any stage of the admission process.


Q. Which colleges offer seats under ECA category - Divinity?

A. The following colleges offer seats under ECA category - Divinity

  1. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College
  2. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College
  3. Mata Sundri College for Women
  4. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce


Q. If a student’s name appears in the ECA Merit list, can he/she be assured of a seat in a college?

A. Candidate’s name appearing in the ECA Merit List does not guarantee admission in college and program. The admission of the Candidate is subject to fulfilment of program-specific eligibility criteria, the availability of program and ECA category in the College and rank in order of merit list. The final admissions are subject to the availability of seats in colleges.


Q. I have registered online on the DU Undergraduate (UG) portal. Do I still need to fill any offline form for undergraduate admission?

A. There is no offline form for DU admissions. You need to register and fill only the online Registration form which will be applicable for all Centralized admissions in colleges of DU.


Q.  Do I have to also register separately for each college?

A:   No, you don’t have to fill any other form, expect the DU admission form available at This form will be applicable for centralised admission to all Colleges. However, if you wish to apply to St. Stephen’s and/or Jesus and Mary College, then you must also  fill their College specific registration form (available on the website of the respective College). 


Q. Is there a way to apply for admission offline?

A:  No, there is no offline form/method. You have to apply through the centralized online Admission Portal only.


Q.  What should I do if I have filled in an incorrect email address while registering?

A:  Be careful while filling the Registration form. Email id is used for all correspondence related to admissions and hence after. It is a mandatory field, so fill it very carefully. 


Q.  Can I register in multiple courses in a single online form?

A:  You can register in multiple courses by choosing all the courses that you wish to apply through a single online registration form. 


Q.  Can I apply for an undergraduate program based on entrance tests through this form?

A:  Yes, candidates can apply for undergraduate courses based on entrance tests through the registration form. Select the program in which you wish to appear in the entrance test and pay the fees accordingly.


Q.  Do I need to fill separate forms for applying to different colleges?

A:  No, one single form submits your registration and application for admission to the various colleges (except St. Stephen’s and Jesus & Mary College) of the University of Delhi.


Q.  I am also interested in applying to minority colleges, how can I apply?

A:  You may choose the Minority Option in the Registration form and upload your certificate. If you wish to be considered under the Christan minority category in St. Stephen’s and Jesus & Mary College, you must also fill their separate Registration form.


Q.   I made an error in filling my online registration form. Do I register again using a different email id and fill the new registration form?

A:  No, the portal does not allow you to register twice with the same email id. However, you can rectify your error by again logging into your account, and using the “Edit” button at the end of each session/page. You can do this till you click on the “Payment” link to pay the fee and thus submit your registration form. After you have submitted your form, you may not be allowed to make any changes.


Q.  In the online portal, I have created my account and filled my registration form. Can I use the same account to fill the registration form for my friend?

A:  No, only a single candidate can apply from one account for UG Admissions. Each appli- cant/candidate must create a separate account and fill the separate online registration form.


Q.   I do not have an email account. Can I use the email of someone else to create registration?

A:  No, you should not use the email id of anyone else. It is advisable to register through your own personal email id. You must create a valid email account and remember its password, as all the communication from the University will be sent to your registered email.


Q.  I forgot the email account that I created to use during my registration process. What should I do?

A:  Your email address will be your login id during the registration process. It is absolutely necessary that you remember your email address, without which University will not be able to help you.


Q. I am staying in Haryana and my daughter is studying in Madhya Pradesh. What should we fill in the domicile?

A:   Being a central university, the University of Delhi does not have any relaxation for any domicile. In the field of “Domicile”, you should fill as stated in the Adhaar card of the candidate.


Q. How can Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PwBD) access and fill the online application form?

A:  The PwBD candidates may fill the online application form by using assistive technology. In particular, the visually impaired candidates may use screen reading softwares such as JAWS or NVDA to complete the application form. Those unable to use computers may take human assistance.


Q.  What should be done if the University website link hangs or becomes non-functional during the process?

A:  All possible measures are taken during the development phase to avoid such a situation. However, such a problem may arise due to Internet issues or if a large number of candidates access the website simultaneously. The registration form has a “Save and Continue” feature, which you may use if you are not able to complete the entire form in one session. You are advised to click on the “Save” button on each page/session separately to save the information, and you may proceed with filling up the remaining online registration form after refreshing the link or logging into your account in another session. You are also advised not to wait till the last day to complete or submit the form.


Q. How can I pay the registration fee on DU UG Portal?

A:  Payment is accepted online only through Credit card/Debit card/Net Banking/UPI. Make sure that you pay only through the payment link provided in the Admissions Portal. No payment is accepted in cash.


Q.   Can I get a fee concession? What is the procedure for fee concession?

A:  All candidates have to pay the registration fee as specified in Section 1 of the UG Admis- sions Bulletin 2021-22. There is a provision for fee concession in most of the colleges but only after admission. You are advised to contact the college for details.


Q. During online payment, the amount has been deducted from my account but I am still seeing the status “pending” on the UG admission portal.

A:  A detailed resolution pathway for dealing with technical issues related to online payment will be provided as an Annexure (to be updated on the University Website) to the Undergraduate Bulletin of Information 2021-22. You may approach the numbers and emails listed there with complete details of the transaction under “Grievance section”. Resolution of queries of this nature will be taken up on the priority basis.


Q. Will the candidates be given admission on a first-come, first serve policy after decla- ration of cut-offs?

A:  Admissions in the colleges are not based on first come first serve policy. Instead, the candidates who have filled the online registration form and satisfies the eligibility criteria and cut-off for a particular course in a particular college will be considered for admission as per the schedule of admission specified time to time on University website.


Q. I am a science student. Can I apply for a Bachelor with Honours in Arts/Humanities subjects?

A:  Yes, provided you fulfill the course-specific eligibility conditions and meet the requisite cut- off for the course you wish to seek admission to. Refer to Undergraduate Bulletin of Information 2021-22 for more information.


Q. Once I have taken admission in a particular subject, can I change my subject during the course of study or after completing first year?

A:  Once you are admitted in a particular subject, you can change your subject only before the last date of admission. Provided you meet the requisite cut-off and seats are available. You cannot change your subject during the course of study or after completing the first year of your study.


Q. I appeared in the class XII exam last year but failed to clear Mathematics. Then, I appeared in the compartment exam and cleared it. Now, I have two marksheets, can I get admission?

A:  Yes, you can get admission in the University of Delhi provided the result of the compartment exam is declared before the admission process is completed and seats are available. You are supposed to update the online registration form by filling your latest marks, possibly till the end of admissions, while the registration portal is open.


Q. I have just passed class XII with science subjects. I want to apply to Delhi Uni- versity colleges including St. Stephens and Jesus Mary College. Can I apply through the online form?

A: The online registration form is applicable for all merit-based courses in various colleges. For applying to minority colleges like St. Stephens and Jesus and Mary, you will need to visit the portal of these colleges to fill their registration form separately. However, it is mandatory for those candidates who wish to apply to minority colleges to enter the university registration number in the online form of the minority colleges. These colleges shall follow the admission procedures notified well in advance on their websites.


Q.  Can I submit the online registration form, even if my result is awaited?

A:  Yes, you can submit the online registration form by choosing “Awaited” in the drop-down menu of “Result Status” on the “Academic Details” page/section while entering the information. However, you will have to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria and meet the college- and course- specific cut-off list during the stipulated period.


Q.  Can I fill in the online registration form even if I have a compartment in class XII?

A:  You can fill in the online registration form using the “Awaited” option for “Result Status” if you have submitted your marks for re-evaluation or if you have appeared again for the paper(s) that you have not passed in. Once your updated marks appear, you may update the Registration Portal. However, your registration form will be valid only if you update your marks within the admission period, and if you fulfill the course-specific eligibility criteria, meeting the cut-off marks for that course/college and subject to the availability of seats.


Q.  Will the registration fee be refunded or adjusted if I change my category?

A:   The registration fee is mandatory for all categories and will not be refunded or adjusted in any circumstances.


Q.   Why am I not able to preview my application and also not able to pay the fee?

A:  Please ensure that you have:

    1. Completed the mandatory fields (marked with red asterisk) on every page.
    2. You have uploaded the required documents under “Mandatory Uploads.”


Q.   Can I register for multiple courses in one online form?

A:   Yes, you may select all courses of interest to you through a single online registration form.


Q. Is it possible to change/update the information provided by the candidates in the online application form once the fee is submitted?

A:  No. candidates cannot change/update the information after they submit the registration fee.


Q. I belong to ST category and live in a remote place. How can I apply for undergradu- ate courses in your University?

A:  You can apply online by filling the registration form from any location with Internet access.


Q. Is it important to have a caste or tribe certificate in the name of the candidate?

A:  Yes, if you are applying under any reserved category, then you must have the relevant reservation certificate issued by the competent authority, in the name of the candidate. The OBC certificate must also specify that the candidate belongs to the non-creamy layer and the caste is listed in the Central Government list.


Q.  Will there be any disadvantages for gap year students?

A:  No, there is no disadvantage to gap year students and they will be treated at par with reg- ular students. They should meet the requisite course-specific criteria for admission and must possess the necessary documents/certificates.


Q.  I did not have Mathematics in Class XII. Can I opt for Economics (Hons.) or B.Com. (Hons.)?

A:  No, you cannot opt for Economics (Hons.) or B. Com. (Hons.) without having studied Mathematics in Class XII.


Q.  Is the candidate required to be present in-person to take admission once the cut-off is announced?

A:  No, the candidate is not required to be present in-person to take admission once the cut-off is required. But the candidate must ensure that he/ she fulfils the eligibility criteria, fall in the required cut-off and has paid the fees once his/ her admission has been approved.


Q.  Can I take admission in two different courses or the same course in different col- leges after declaration of a cut off?

A:  No, you cannot take admission simultaneously in two different courses or the same course in different colleges. In case you take admission at two places, your admission will be cancelled from both the colleges/courses.


Q.  I was admitted under Sports Quota last year but could not clear the first year. Can I apply afresh and also change my course?

A:  You can clear your first year as an ex-student, if your internal assessment is complete. In case you wish to apply afresh for another course, you can do so by cancelling your previous admission and then filling the online registration form again.


Q.  I have completed my class XII from NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling). Can I get admission in a regular college?

A:  Yes, you can get admission in a regular college in a particular course provided you have applied in that course and meet the cut-off criteria.


Q.  Can I enroll myself for a certificate language course along with my regular gradu- ation course?

A:  Yes, many colleges offer part time certificate courses in office management, foreign lan- guages etc. However, it is advisable to first try to understand how your regular course works, how much free time you have, and then plan your certificate course accordingly.


Q.  Can a candidate for an Undergraduate Honours Course be considered for admis- sion in the non-Honours Course in the same College or not?

A:  Yes, for admission in merit based courses all courses and colleges are selected by default. Admission in a particular course shall be considered If you satisfy the course-specific eligibility and meet the cut-off.


Q.  What is the mechanism of fee refund in case a student cancels his admission?

A:  You may examine the relevant Annexure (to be updated) of the Bulletin of Information for Undergraduate Admissions 2021-22 to know the rules thereon. 


Q.   Is ECA and Sports quota applicable to courses where admission is based on en- trance tests?

A:  No, ECA and Sports quota are not applicable to courses where admission is based on entrance-test.


Q.  How does one apply through the ECA or Sports quota? Is there a separate fee for applying to these quotas?

A:  You can apply for the ECA and Sports quota by selecting appropriate options in the registration form. There is an additional fee of Rs. 100 each for applying under ECA or Sports quota, i.e. if a candidate applies for both ECA and Sports quota, it would amount to Rs. 200 in addition to registration fee of the form.


Q.  How many certificates must I furnish for admission through Sports Quota?

A:  You may upload for a maximum of three categories of Games/Sports. You may attach a maximum of four of your Best/ Scoring/Highest Certificates for each game/sport that you think is the best scoring. You may refer to the bulletin of Information for detailed information.


Q.  How many certificates must I furnish for admission through ECA Quota?

A:  You may upload a maximum of five certificates. issued between 1st may 2017 to 30th April 2021.


Q.  Will there be a centralized sports trial?

A:   In wake of the COVID-19 there shall be no trials in sports.


Q.  Is it possible to apply under ECA/Sports Category once I have paid my registration fee?

A:  No, once you have paid the fee, you will not be able to apply under ECA/Sports Category.


Q.  Does the University of Delhi offer hostel facilities?

A:  Yes, there are a few colleges of the University that offer hostel facilities to the students. The list of such colleges with details of the selection process is given in the relevant Annexure of the Bulletin of Information for Undergraduate Admissions 2021-22. Due to prevailing pandemic the allotment for hostel will be done according to the guidelines as and when received from the UGC/MHRD.


Q.   What is the procedure for getting hostel accommodations?

A:  The selection process for hostels is strictly based on the merit of the candidate. Once a candidate gets admission in a college offering hostel facility then, they have to apply separately for hostels; accommodation is subject to availability of seats.


Q.   Does the University of Delhi follow any policy with regard to ragging and sexual harassment?

A:  Yes, the University believes in providing a safe and secure environment to all entrants. We adhere to the UGC guidelines, 2009 regarding curbing the menace of ragging and to ordinance XV-B of the University related to anti-ragging, in addition to following the provisions outlined in the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013.

Sports Quota

Category Position/ Event/Weight Category No. of Seats
Baseball Catcher 2
Infield 4
Outfield 3
Pitcher 3
Basketball Guard 3
Centre 3
Forward 3
Cricket All Rounder 6
Batsman/Batswoman 6
Medium Pacer 3
Spinner 5
Wicket Keeper 2
Kabaddi Corner 2
Corner 2
Raider 3
Total 50


Category No. of Seats
Creative Writing (Hindi) 1
Creative Writing (English) 1
Indian Classical 2
Indian Folk 2
Western 2
Debate(Hindi) 1
Debate(English) 1
Photography 1
Film Making 1
Sketching & Painting 1
Indian (Classical and Light) 1
Western (Classical and Light) 1
Drums 2
Guitar (Lead) 2
Guitar (Bass) 2
Theatre 5
Quiz 2
Total 34

CW Admission

Reservation for Children/Widows of Personnel of the Armed Forces (CW)

  1. Five percent (5%) of seats are reserved for Candidates under this category, program-wise in all colleges.
  2. All such Candidates have to upload the Educational Concession certificate (as per the format provided in Appendix VII) to be issued by any of the following authorities on the proper letterhead:
    1. Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board, Delhi.
    2. Secretary, Rajya Zila Sainik Board.
    3. Officer-in-Charge, Record Offi
    4. 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate.
    5. Ministry of Home Affairs (For Police Personnel in receipt of Gallantry Awards)
No other format shall be permissible. Proofs of the CW category in the form of ID card of parent or dependent, Medical card, Ration card, CSD card, etc. are not admissible in lieu of certificate in correct format. The priority must be clearly mentioned in the certificate. Certificates that do not mention the relevant priority will not be considered.

Admission may be offered to the Children/Widows of Personnel of the Armed Forces (Priority to IX) including Para-Military Personnel (only Priority I to V), in the following order of prefer- ence:

Priority I Widows/Wards of Defence personnel killed in action;

Priority II Wards of Defence Personnel disabled in action and boarded out from service with disability attributable to military service;

Priority III Widows/Wards of Defence Personnel who died while in service with death attributable to military service;

Priority IV Wards of Defence Personnel disabled in service and boarded out with disability attributable to military service;

Priority V Wards of Ex-servicemen and Serving personnel, including personnel of police forces who are in receipt of Gallantry Awards;

  1. ParamVir Chakra
  2. Ashok Chakra
  • MahaVir Chakra
  1. Kirti Chakra
  2. Vir Chakra
  3. Shaurya Chakra
  • President’s Police Medal for Gallantry/President Gallantry Medal for the fire services personnel
  • Sena Medal (Gallantry), Nau Sena Medal (Gallantry), Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
  1. Mention-in-Despatches
  2. Police Medal for Gallantry/Gallantry Medal for fire services

Priority VI Wards of Ex-Servicemen.

Priority VII Wives of:

  1. Defence personnel disabled in action and boarded out from service.
  2. Defence personnel disabled in service and boarded out with disability attributable to military service
  • Ex-servicemen and serving personnel who are in receipt of Gallantry Awards.

Priority VIII Wards of Serving Personnel

Priority IX Wives of Serving Personnel

Cancellation Procedure

To Be Updated


Vacant Seat Status

To be updated...

For Foreign Student

To be updated...