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Botany Lab

Commerce Lab

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Computer Lab

There are 4 Computer Labs in the college (2 each in the Old Campus and New Campus). The Computer science labs of the college are equipped with internet facilities for both staff and students for teaching as well as research purposes. The class rooms are equipped with LCD projectors for teaching purposes.

The 4 Computer Labs comprise of around 100 computer systems. Labs are equipped with LCD projectors and internet connectivity. Latest software like Python, R, Oracle, Mathematica, .NET and Microsoft Flash are also installed.

Mathematics Lab

Microbiology Lab

The laboratories of the Microbiology department are well-spaced, well-lit and well-aerated. The department is well-equipped with the latest instruments and facilities to cater the needs of students at the undergraduate level. Besides conventional blackboard teaching, ICT based teaching-learning methodologies are adopted and innovative approaches are followed. The state of the art facilities/instruments such as Spectrophotometer, Vertical and Horizontal Electrophoresis Units, Transilluminator, BOD Incubators, Shaker Incubator, Water Bath, Centrifuges, Vortex Mixers, pH meters, Autoclaves, Laminar Airflow Chambers, Monocular/Binocular Microscopes, Distillation Unit, Hot Air Ovens, Magnetic Stirrers, High Precision Electronic Weighing Balances are available in the department.

The students are provided with the best hands-on-training experience during practical classes under the able guidance of teachers supported by the laboratory staff. Further, to provide exposure to research at the undergraduate level, the faculty members of the department are actively involved in research activities through in-house innovative projects.

Physics Lab

Zoology Lab