University of Delhi

Alipur, Delhi - 110036

Vision & Mission


Swami Shraddhanand College(SSNC) is named after a great Indian educationist and and social reformer Swami Shraddhanand Ji and believes in educational philosophy to promote education for all. It admits students from rural as well urban areas belonging to diverse groups of society. The vision of SSNC is to provide accessible quality higher education through technological advancements and changing pedagogy, keeping in pace with new global trends for all the undergraduate and some post graduate courses. From a humble beginning in1967 at Gandhi Ashram in Narela, to its present location in Alipur, SSNC has made great strides to become a popular co-educational college for all the three streams of undergraduate courses. It is aiming towards its vision through the motto of “Shraddavan Labhate Jnanam” which means ‘He who has faith attains knowledge.’


The mission of the college is to “Develop Academic Excellence, Nurture Creativity and Strengthen Ethical and moral Values amongst Students” The institution is committed to promote a culture of impartial, inclusive and learner-centric approach. It provides an integrated and multi disciplinary education to unravel the true potential of students. It is governed by participation and contribution by all the stakeholders to achieve its mission. It has a practice of delegating authority and operational autonomy to all its constituted committees for a decentralized working. It is dedicated to focus on the holistic development along with academics of the learners. The Institution strives that the learners should not only excel in their professional life by knowledge and innovative skills but should also become responsible citizens by embracing human values and social ethics .To achieve the same, the college education focuses on multidisciplinarity, skill enhancement, co-curricular and extracurricular aspects particularly in contexts of Indian knowledge systems of the education.